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RUNS notifies in real-time the rate (/MB) and usage to the user. It is available from now to demonstrate its capabilities. Contact us for more information.


Policy Control Server

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Policy and Charging Control (PCC) 

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Our Vision


Provide people differentiated real-time services (IP, SMS, ...) with innovative, simple and increased value.


Our Mission


We design, develop, maintain in house solutions for real-time policy and charging control for all communication services. Our mission is to build on our history of knowledge and technology innovation to provide the highest quality, most reliable and innovative products and services.


We offer service providers, MVNEs and operators a high performance and flexible integrated solution.

  Why choose for RUNS ?


New EU roaming regulations:


 Prevent users from 'Bill Shocks'.

 Customised cut-off mechanism


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Benefits to service providers using RUNS:


 customised usage alerts

 prepaid and postpaid users

 a roaming counter independant of billing and charging

 counting on a single point on time/volume/event basis

 redirect for limit increase 

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RUNS  Policy Server & PCRF
 Rate and Usage Notification Server 
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